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At Innovations in Dementia we believe that with the right support and opportunities, people with dementia can communicate, engage, participate and continue to be part of relationships and communities, no matter how advanced their dementia.

Innovations in Dementia CIC will work with people with dementia, partner organisations and professionals to help people with dementia to keep control of their lives by testing new and positive projects and adopting a civil rights approach to overcoming discrimination.

If you have ideas for new innovative projects for people with dementia or are interested in partnering with us on an innovative project please email

Some of our areas of interest:

People with dementia and their communities - find out more about projects where people with dementia have active roles to play in the communities in which they live

Start Making Sense - accessible information for people with dementia
Find out more about our work to make public information easier to use

Making sure that the voice of people with dementia is heard
Find out more about our projects and ideas

The civil rights of people with dementia
We believe that people with dementia have rights that are being denied them - find out more about our views

People with dementia making use of computers, the internet and other technology
Find our more about our projects around technology and people with dementia

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Registered as a community interest company No. 06046815.
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