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Videos by people with dementia

About these films

These films have been made by people who are living with dementia.
These films are about people who are living with dementia.

But these films are not just about dementia.

They are about people living their lives positively, with vitality and creativity.
They are about people who are still learning, and still growing.
They show that dementia is life-changing, but not life-ending.

Nick’s Misericords

Films by people with dementia - one of Nick's drawings of misericords

This film follows Nick as he visits the oldest known collection of misericords, in Exeter Cathedral.
View Nick's film

A story for Josh

Films by people with dementia - Josh listening to his story

We accompany Sandra as she visits the library where she spent most of her working life as a librarian. There we meet some of the cast of a story which Sandra wrote to capture the imagination of her grandson and introduce him to the world of books and reading.
View Sandra's film

Listen to Me

Films by people with dementia - Peter making his film

Peter has had a long and illustrious career as a sculptor and educator.
In this film, Peter shows us round his studio, and recalls some of the events which shaped his life and career.
View Peter's film

The Walking Group

Films by people with dementia - the Swindon Walking Group

The Walking Group is made up of members of the Forget-me-Not Centre in Swindon.
Join us as we try to keep up with them as they tramp across the Wilshire countryside.
View the Walking Group's film


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April 2010

ThinkTank film

ThinkTank is a group of people with dementia who help Innovations in Dementia with our work.

Members of our ThinkTank have also made a film. Find out more about ThinkTank

Innovations in Dementia at conferences

Here is a video from the conference Thinking Differently about Dementia in Essex.

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