A Moment in Time?

I often describe my job as ‘working with and alongside people with dementia’. It’s a sort of catch all phrase but in this blog I would like to share an example of exactly what that means in practice partly as a shameless plug of what we can offer, but principally because of the significance of […]

THIS – a guest blog from Bob

What My dementia means to me. If you read one thing today make sure it’s this. First, here’s a little context. Over the last year a new Good Life With Dementia course was created and delivered BY local people with dementia FOR local people more recently diagnosed with dementia in the East Riding of Yorkshire. […]

One Dementia Voice

Dementia organisations united in One Dementia Voice call on Government to avert hidden catastrophe – allowing family carers to visit Care Homes People with dementia have been hardest hit by the recent COVID 19 pandemic, from the number of people in care homes who have died from coronavirus  to the people with dementia living at […]

DEEP moments – films by people with dementia

“Do you see what I see?” Throughout early 2020, members of Ashford Phoenix, Pathways in Bradford, peer support group at Beth Johnson Foundation and SUNshiners worked with film- makers from Biggerhouse to make 22 films. With funding from The National Lottery Community Fund we made a series of films about the DEEP network.  There are […]

Please Hold

I got a bit miffed recently– goodness we’ve all got plenty to be fed up about – but this was triggered after seeing further recent social media comments questioning some people with dementia because they are perhaps not as dependant as they should be – ‘atypical’ is the term often used. But I’ve since calmed […]

A Month of Lockdown

Well we’re around a month into lockdown. And of course each and every one of us has our own challenges, and our own ways of coping and adapting. So what are we learning from people with dementia? Blogs, Dementia Diaries, ZOOM meetings etc. are all giving us an amazing insight. Here are just some of […]

Crisis… and opportunity

Well, we’re not long into this COVID crisis, but every day we are all having to think differently about what it means for each and every one of us. So we thought we’d take stock of where we’ve got to – and what we – in our very small organisation – are learning so far […]

Hearing Voices

I’ve been hearing voices for the last 20 years or so. Little niggles that made me deeply uncomfortable about how some dementia services operated; about why people practised in certain ways; and about why people with dementia were treated (or not!) in certain ways. I can’t be the only one who has heard some of […]

Measure me

“When you look at me You will measure me by my awareness by my response by my age by my development And you will find me lacking But for me you are measuring with the wrong cup.”   This beautiful poem was sent to me by a dear friend following the death of my father in […]

Ordinary people leading ordinary lives talking about ordinary things

I grew up in an ordinary town in the foothills of the West Pennines, amongst ordinary people leading ordinary lives. Or in an extraordinary town full of extraordinary people living extraordinary lives. A recent fascination for me is the story of Worktown – a mass observation study of the neighbouring town of Bolton in the […]